Family-Owned and Oriented Non-Emergency Medical Rides

Serving the Roseville and Rocklin, California Area

van-drivers-medical-ridesWhen we first got into the medical transportation business, we didn't realize exactly how much of a difference we could make. A lot of medical transport companies forget that they are transporting people, not money. Our dedication to the integrity, friendship, and well-being of our clients has made all the difference to the Roseville area and surrounding communities. By staying true to our values and the people we serve, we are helping the senior members of our community maintain their independence. Even better, we are blessed by the friendships and personal connections we make each and every day.

Our highest priority is that our customers feel safe, comfortable, and respected at all times. We prioritize coordinating with families and care facilities, welcome caregivers to ride along with patients for appointments, strive to arrive for appointments 10-15 minutes early, and minimize wait times for pick-up after appointments.

In short, our clients mean the world to us.

More Than Just Rides to the Doctor's Office

We are happy to offer non-emergency medical rides to more than just the doctor's office. We offer rides for the following purposes:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • Pharmacy
  • Dialysis
  • Physical therapy
  • Discharges from medical facilities
  • Transfers between care facilities

Our ride service is available primarily for appointments in and around Rocklin and Roseville, California.

Call Today for Your Ride

It would be our pleasure to help you get where you're going. Our family provides the safest and most personal non-emergency medical transportation service in the Roseville and Rocklin, California area. Call us today at (916) 660-3934 to schedule your ride - we look forward to meeting you!